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Jade Ring Pendant

Picture of Jade Ring Pendant
This individually handcrafted pendant features a 1in Quartizite Jade Ring on a Crystal Studded Bail.


La Baronessa Pendant

Picture of La Baronessa Pendant
The La Baronessa pendant


Love Knot Pendant

Picture of Love Knot Pendant
A Love Knot" necklace.


Sparkling Yellow Crystal Pendant

Picture of Sparkling Yellow Crystal Pendant
Sparkling Yellow Crystal Pendant


Stunning Genuine Pink Tourmaline Pendant

Picture of Stunning Genuine Pink Tourmaline Pendant
Stunning full faceted Genuine Pink Tourmaline pendant.


The Zodiac Power Pendant

Picture of The Zodiac Power Pendant
The Zodiac Power Pendant, believed to strengthen and prolong Health, Love and Life, symbolizes the circle of Protection around your life.